100% Car Decal Removal Quickly and Easily remove ANY “Car Decal” in only Minutes… with a 110% Customer Decal Guarantee!
Decal-tickWithout damaging or marking your paint work

Decal-tick Without using skin irritating substances

Decal-tick Without tens of hours of effort using “expensive equipment

Decal-tick Without harming your surrounding environment

Decal-tick Without throwing away money on cheap substitutes

Decal-tick Without wearing away your fingernails

Remove Car Decals easily
Brand New Whizzy Wheel Car Decal Removal IntroducingThe Newly Launched Whizzy Wheel

Proven to be the most effective and proven way to remove car decal stickers that have been baked on, 100% GUARANTEED (or we will refund your order 100%)

It Will Easily Remove the Oldest, Stickiest and Toughest to remove Stickers and Decals

In the below video, this average John Smith shows how the Whizzy Wheel effectively loosens the decal that’s keeping your auto vehicle decal stuck on. The Whizzy Wheels unique design makes Decal removal an easy job.

The wheel was terrific, I had large decals on all sides of a Mitsubishi van to remove – managed to get around 75% done before wearing down the wheel – was very easy compared to trying with a hair dryer and scraping. They had been of for around 5 years so were well baked on!!Cheers,

Robert Keen

“Hi Peter,

I just received your product, Wonder Blade, and I want to say THANK YOU ! I had asked so many people how to remove it and they all came down with one solution, hair dryer which will damage the car paint. But your products only take a few minutes! Now I can change decals any time and any style I want. Good luck at the business. I will definitely introduce your products around.

Best regards,

Brian Wai

Remove Car Decals (Yes, take me to Whizzy Wheel Check Out page. I understand that purchasing today guarantees my Decal removal success – 100% guaranteed!)

Whether you’re in the decal removal industry or just want to get rid of those hard to remove decals from your car, the Whizzy Wheel is the best solution.

Hi many name is Peter Nobbs and I welcome you the opportunity where I can guarantee you’ll find the easiest and quickest way to remove your impossible-to-take-off decals, and vinyl with the ultimate Decal removal tool.

And you probably already realize that spending hours manually trying to “peel off” your car decals is far from your best option. You can try remove the decals and stickers using old unproven methods, only to discover that your paint was damage, scuffed, or scratched making all of your hard work your money, and your time—wasted.

Frustrating, isn’t it? We understand as we have been there before.

Before launching the Whizzy Wheel our family business had more than 22 years of enduring achievements in helping people like you and I easily remove decals.

In the last year, we’ve changed the game—by launching the Whizzy Wheel that allows you to Whiz away stickers, and decals 30% quicker in one-fifth of the time, and (and that’s right it’s – it lasts 3.5x’s longer and even more durable).

What are the (REAL) Reasons why the Whizzy Wheel is Setting a New Standard for Performance and Speed?

Whizzy Wheel - Take off Car Decals easily It’s Cooler: Flow-more groove technology allows the heat to escape while the Whizzy Wheel effortlessly removes your most-stuck on stickers at up to 3500 RPM

It’s Wider: Hundreds more surface contact points makes for super fast Sticker and Decal removal

It’s Bigger: Tested, and proven more durable—the Whizzy Wheel outlives the Wonder Wheel 3.5:1—it just works better than any other tool.

It’s so Simple to use the Whizzy Wheel – 4 Easy Steps for Removing Car Decals

When your Whizzy Wheel arrives this week,  unpack your Whizzy Wheel and you’ll be ready to get rid off those stuck-on motor vehicle Decals and Stickers in 4 Simple Steps…

  • Step 1 Take out your Whizzy Wheel from its lovely packaging. You’ll be excited when it arrives.
  • Step 2 Pop the Whizzy Wheel onto your regular household drill using the arbour supplied (instructions included).
  • Step 3 Turn on the drill and start using the Whizzy Wheel on any decal, (Decals up to 57 yrs old)l.
  • Step 4 See before your eyes, as your stickers quickly vanish, and in only a few minute you’ll have a car decal free.

Look at these before and after photo’s, where we easily removed the Decal in under 8 minutes

Remove Car Decal Before Remove Car Decal Middle Remove Car Decal After

We often hear from customers that previously, removing car decals would take all day— Now they can easily take off the hardest to remove decal in less than ten to fifteen minutes.

So really, when you think about it, you don’t really have any alternatives, wouldn’t you agree?

The idea of using your weakened fingernails to remove decals is just a bad-idea. Don’t even consider it.

You could use citrus removal spray, though to be honest, that only works at removing the adhesive glue and you’re still using your fingernails to get down to the adhesive.

A metal razor blade is what many people first turn to to remove a decal. Forget that straight away the metal razor blade will gouge the paint—and potentially your skin.

And while you may have a heat gun or hair dryer available, you’ll spend alot of time (probably hours) scrubbing and trying to peel off the decal/ sticker, on the really tough jobs—ie. any decal that has spent a hot summer in the hot sun—will not come off without alot of effort and sweat (unless you use the Whizzy Wheel, that makes it easy).

The best part of the Whizzy Wheel, is that it doesn’t require any special tools, skills, or chemicals to use. In fact, it saves you so much time and all you need to do, is order the Wheel, rip it out of the packaging when it arrives, connect to your drill and bingo. You will be removing decals in minutes

And guess what – it works on practically all surfaces (except plastic).

The truth is that you could use the Whizzy Wheel to easily and quickly remove car decals and stickers, from any surface. Just think of how easily you could free up your time when you no longer have to remove…

The top 5 Whizzy Wheel uses to remove Car Decals

Decal-tick Car Dealership Decals and Stickers – removed in only minutes

Decal-tick Car Advertisements from Company Trucks and Cars

Decal-tick Signage from a Cars Window Surface—Without a Scuff or Scratch

Decal-tick Old Decals to Leave Your RV’s Appearance super clean

Decal-tick Goo, bugs, bird poo and insects, from your car windows, bonnet and roof

Now that you’re thinking about it, you should know that you can use your Whizzy Wheel more than one time—even for large and small jobs.

Car Decal removal Wheel

Get the Whizzy Wheel (30% Off Special)

Made of Rubber – Ideal for larger areas, and most surfaces.

Unpack, pop on the bit, and plug in your drill to eliminate every sticker, decal, and vinyl in your driveway. (Up to 4 full vehicles+)

Eliminates the time, hassle, and safety-challenges today when you buy now for just $39.

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100% Money Back Guarantee - Car Decal Removal Remove Car Decals - Guaranteed

Our introductory special is not guaranteed to last forever, so please take advantage so that you can stop wasting precious time removing baked-on or brand new decal, sticker, or vinyl. Whether you choose to take advantage of the time-saving Whizzy Wheel, I know you’ll see great success in easily taking off those unwanted decals, stickers, and vinyl. You can trust a business that has over 22+ years experience


Chief “Decal Removal” Officer

Peter Nobbs - Signature




P.S. Our policy on bulk orders has changed. The goods news is we now offer discounts and rebates on orders for 10 or more. If you have a large fleet of trucks or cars that need decals removed simply email peter@pacificwebb.com.au to see how we can help.

Decal Remover Officer - Peter NobbsAbout Peter

Peter Nobbs loves helping people removing car decals and stickers. His family ran a successful sign and laser business for over 23 years. 

With over 2,170 happy customers across 13 countries, Peter has helped people from across the world in his quest to remove unsightly decals from cars, trucks, windows and shops. Since taking his business online, he can extend his reach to the global audience. Always willing to help, please contact Peter if you have any Decal removal questions

Take if from out 2000+ customers who we have helped using our innovative Whizzy Wheel?


“Peter, the whizzy wheel worked as advertised. removed the decals from my van this afternoon in 1 easy go. Even my old drill worked fine with the wheel. regards Roger”

Roger Belan, 18 June


Your service was excellent and after our phone call, our order arrived in 2 days. My husband did the job of removing the Decal and it took him about 2 minutes to take the wheel out of the mail bag and start the job.

It took only a few minutes to remove the decal as was only on the back window so we can save the wheel for our next job (if that ever comes along). We will spread the word about your product to our friends in car detailing

We will definitely be re-ordering in the new year if get any bigger jobs.

Take care


Kat,  19 September

“Hi Peter,

I invited all the guys from the boatyard down today to see if the wheel would take off the big boat sticker I’ve had on for years. It was really pleased that it worked so easy. Most of the guys thought it wouldn’t work as this boat is over 7 years old. Thanks”

Garth Lynwood

“Hello Peter,

I just received your product, Wonder Whizzy and letting you know how great it worked – THANK YOU. Not often do the video’s work the way you expect them. You exceeded my expectations and the it was so easy to use. It was quite fun getting into the garage and removing the decal. GREAT STUFF – VERY HAPPY AT YOUR SERVICE

Good luck at the business. I will definitely introduce your products around.


Peter Shand”

NYC, USA – Peter Shand, 18 February

I used your wheel to remove a big sticker off the back of my motor boat last Sunday morning. Was interesting as I got a few pals around who believed there wasn’t an easy to get rid of the Decal. I think they wanted me to say my money wasn’t well spent. Proven them wrong and had the sticker off in minutes,


Robert S, 20 March 2012

Peter I used Your Whizzy Wheel to take off some decals from my shop window. I usually use a blade but unfortunately I had a situation with a young staff member. WORKED SO WELL. Didn’t take long at all. Actually did it before opening my shop. Good luck with the website.James P, 3 March

Peter,Thanks, for sending the whizzy product over. It arrived in about 4 days as I live on the east coast.My red Nissan 2 door had the ugliest decal on the hood, though meant I got a better price for it when bought it (I told the guy I would need to spend $200-300 to get it removed. Thanks to your product, I had the hood clean in under 30 minutes


James Wong,


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